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Meet Doraemon in Takaoka


If you want to take a picture with Doraemon, you have to come to Takaoka. Takaoka Otogi-no-mori Park has statues of Doraemon and his friends. Hiroshi Fujimoto, auther of Doraemon, was born in Takaoka in 1933. He lived there until he graduate Takaoka Kogei High School. How come one of the most creative artists was raised in Takaoka? Here is a plate which has his words to Takaoka City. (See photo)

Get Along with the Future of Takaoka I was born in Takaoka in 1933. I played in woods and a river here and such experience had great affect on my body and soul. Although time changes Takaoka, I hope this park remain as an oasis which gives dreams and creativity for children. July 1994 Fujio F. Fujiko

I made a map which has spots related to Fujimoto-san. Doraemon Map in Takaoka (Click Here to go to the map in Picasa web album) I hope one day you will come here and walk around Takaoka as Fujimoto-san did.


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