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Why Takaoka

If you are an experienced traveler, you don’t want to go to Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, or Tokyo Disneyland. These places are filled with travel beginners. You are not satisfied with these spots.
Instead, you may want to take a trip to find ‘real’ Japan, where Toyota, Pokemon, and Naruto come from. Here are must-sees in the middle of Japan.

  • Takayama World Heritage Shirakawa-go
  • Kanazawa
  • Giant Walls in Tateyama Alpine Route

If you want to go to these three spots, Takaoka is a good base camp to unpack your heavy baggage.  Here are some reasons to choose Takaoka.

1. Transportation Hub

Takaoka is located in the middle of these three spots.

You can get on a train to Kanazawa, Toyama, or Takayama from Takaoka Station. Also, Takaoka has highways to Kanazawa, Toyama, or Takayama.  Thus, you can leave your suit case at your hotel and enjoy a day-trip to each spot with a small backpack.

Mantel Hotel in Takaoka

2. Reasonably Priced Hotels

Like Singapore, Takaoka is a business center of Hokuriku area. Kanazawa is a site-seeing spot with 400 thousand population. Since travel apprentices stay there, you have a good chance to get a reasonable price from hotels in Takaoka with 170 thousand population

3. Fish and Sake

Do you want to enjoy the best seafood in Japan? Nikkei Newspaper ranked Himi, neighbor city of Takaoka, as the best fisherman’s town in Japan. You may want to go to Himi Fisherman’s Wharf to enjoy seafood.

4. Beautiful Countryside Views

Although Takaoka does not have Taj Mahal, it has a beautiful countryside views. Yoshiko Annen, photographer in Takaoka, received Shinzo-Maeda Award, one of the most promising awards for distinctive photographers. Once you check her website, you cannot help falling in love with Takaoka.

5.Heartland of Metal Masters

Takaoka has 400 year history of metal arts. In 17 th century, Maeda Toshinaga, a feudal lord in Takaoka, gethered metal masters and encourage to make copperware. Takaoka still has many metal masters and they continue to produce beautiful tableware. For example, Nousaku produces great variety of tin products.

7. Night Life

Since Takaoka is a business town, they have a wide variety of restaurants and bars in downtown area. Here’s a Japanese style Izakaya “Sho-hachi.”

7. Home Town of Doraemon

Authers of Doraemon met in Takaoka’s elementary school and they decided to be manga artists in Takaoka Old Castle Park. Without Takaoka, you might not have Doraemon. Thus, Takaoka has Doraemon statues here and there.

Why don’t you walk around downtown Takaoka and wonder why Takaoka brought up one of the most creative manga artists in the world. (Read more…)



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